GB24 News Channel

A high-concept podcast about gaming news with brothers Eden and Josh.

Set in the fictional GB24 News Channel where the brothers are stuck 24 hours a day, recording news bulletins in a world where only gaming and Esports are the top stories. It’s only during the ad breaks that are they afforded the time to catch up and speak honestly.

An unexpectedly short-lived experiment, with unexpectedly long term benefits. Our concept behind GB24 was to do a more personal podcast with reactions to gaming news, whilst bookending it with high-concept mini sketches. It was also a product of us challenging ourselves to produce weekly, short and timely content, written and filmed in one night.

It was embarked on in 2017 as part of our experiment to double down on ‘gaming fans’ as an audience that began earlier in the year with Clash Battle Warlords Age of Candy Robots Royal Strike Kingdom Mobile Legends Saga. We ultimately abandoned the project after only 5 episodes (and an unreleased pilot). However, the complete custom brand package and virtual studio would live on in our very next stage production, as well as coming into their own when the world went into lockdown in 2020.

Show Credits:

Created by Game Boys Comedy
Performed by Eden & Joshua Porter
Filmed, Edited and Virtual Design by Kinetic Screen