Hey Hey It's Lockdown!

The online antics continue with Game Boys Comedy!

Whilst they were supposed to be premiering a brand new show ‘Escape To The Metaverse’, old mate Rona has forced them back into the digital realm. Unlike last year’s Best Comedy nominated season, this time they won’t have to resort to digital trickery to appear to be in the same room!

With special guests, too many cameras and even a few rescued bits from the new show, these 3 live online performances will be well worth the $0 minimum ticket price!

With the promise of a live festival collapsing just 3 weeks before opening, we made an unexpected last minute ‘pivot’ to creating a fun online parody of Hey Hey It’s Saturday. As opposed to the GB24 Livestreams, the three of us were actually allowed to be in the same premises, owing to a carve out for “up to 5 people involved in a livestream or broadcast”.

Throwing together what we’d learnt from over a year of online content, Hey Hey It’s Lockdown proved to be one of our most satisfying projects. It was also a return to ‘write about what you know’ as inevitably our rehearsals over the years would regularly end with us deep in a Daryl Somers YouTube rabbit hole. So what better starting point for a digital show to be devised and performed in only a couple of weeks.

We received some lovely feedback that this was one of the only shows at that year’s Fringe that actually felt live. We really worked hard to try and give an audience desperate for connection, a live theatre experience. We were interacting with the live chat, remote streaming-in guest performers as well as bringing audience members onto screen to play Pluck a Nug with us.

We also had an incredible amount of fun performing this show with just the three of us in the tiny home studio. With no audience in the room to play off, we were just trying to make each other laugh the whole time. It was brilliant.

Additionally, what we learnt with this show would go on to further develop ideas in the belated premiere of Escape to the Megaverse.

Performance history:
Melbourne Fringe Festival 2021

‘Their seat-of-the-pants style was undeniably infectious.’
Cameron Woodhead
The Age
‘One of my absolute highlights… incredibly inventive… it’s chaotic and funny and clever and definitely recommended.’ 
Richard Watts
‘It was the kind of hilarity that made you ache for reopening, and a time when performers and audiences can be together again.
Cameron Woodhead
The Age

Hey Hey It’s The Butterfly Club Credits:

Created by Game Boys Comedy
Performed by Eden & Joshua Porter (ft. Dickie Knee)
Broadcast Design by Kinetic Screen

Special Guests:

Oliver Coleman
Pat Collins
Blake Everett
Jude Perl
Kai Smythe
Richard Wielger

Produced with the assistance of a Rising grant.
With thanks to Front of House Productions for additional audio equipment.