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Escape to the Megaverse

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Bursting at the seams with pop-culture references and dripping in ’90s nostalgia, this laugh-a-minute, high-concept sketch show is home to the hi-tech laughs you won’t see anywhere else at the Festival. Now re-written for 2024 with ChatGPT!

Are you a reality TV junkie who’s always dreamt of receiving a rose? Yearned to play a life-sized game of Tetris? Or are you destined to battle the Sith Lord Mark Zuckerbergus? Well now you can, as your interactions dynamically generate a different show each night!

This show took its time getting to the stage. The original premiere was meant to be at Melbourne Fringe in 2021, however that was cancelled thanks to Melbourne going back into lockdown. It wasn’t until Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2022 that it finally burst onto the stage in our first full scale live show since the covid lockdowns.

Escape to the Megaverse is our newest show, and attempts to combine the best of what we’ve done in past live stage shows, with some of the tricks we learnt producing content online. This has included more advanced uses of live cameras, video processing and green screen compositing.

When we set out writing the show we really approached it as a straight sketch show and just threw a bunch of ideas together and wrapped them in a loose framework of ‘The Megaverse’. With the 2024 rework, we’ve managed to highlight the meta elements of the show and that’s become a really strong throughline. It features themes of repetition, rehearsal, refinement and the idea that every time this show is performed it is entirely unique to that night’s audience and it is, in some ways, custom built for them.

Performance history:
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2022
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2024

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Show Credits:

Created by Game Boys Comedy
Performed by Eden & Joshua Porter
Lighting, Audio & Video Design by Kinetic Screen