Game Boys

Our very first Game Boys show. We first started writing comedy as members of the Monash Law Revue and our first significant foray into festival shows was with Law Revue alumni. After two well received festival shows, The Extraordinary General Meeting (2012) and Apartmentocalypse (2013) we decided to branch out with a duo project.

The starting point for Game Boys was ‘write about what you know’ and we knew video games. This whole show was us telling personal stories and playing out sketches based on our history of growing up and playing video games together. This was an incredibly text heavy show and the first run of it was largely two men on stage talking about their childhood with a few static projector slides and some audio cues.

The second run of it added in dynamic video elements and much more interesting blocking and a couch along with other set elements. We were on our way.

Performance history:
Melbourne Fringe 2014
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015